Ndoro Cultural Tourism Enterprise being in the industry for more than three years is well equipped in bespoke tailored made excursions to suit you and your needs with high consideration of your budget. We specialize in small groups, individuals and family tours that will take you to areas of outstanding beauty and interest.
The Enterprise is located 13 miles in the outerskirts of Moshi Town under the foothill of Mount Kilimanjaro in a small village called Lymrakana Marangu.

Our Team


Our aspiring environmentalist, hiker and nature lover Mr Benedict is a certified mountain guide, who entered country's top records for climbing Mountain KILIMANJARO in 3 days back in 2003. Mr Matto is a reliable, fit and self motivated person who we are happy to work with. We feel humbled to have this man as part of our team.


Our Founder and owner of NDORO CTE is a self motivated, nature enthusiastic, conservationist and preservationist. She was a former guide at RAU, which was an inspiration to the initiation of NDORO CTE . Her love for nature is unwavering and she is determined to deliver the best experience for our clients and the team. We are thankful to have her in our team.


Mr Edward a local village elder, a story teller and an archaeologist . He is a charming, bubbly individual which won't make you tired while listening to him. Edward owns a small museum in Marangu, and Ndoro cte being an equal opportunity enterprise, we decided to join forces and give Edward an opportunity to offer his knowledge and get our culture to the world by making him part of our team. We feel honored to have him with us.

Our mission

We value our reputation and that is to mean  our clients satisfaction is our priority  so we have handpicked knowledgeable and well skilled tour guides while featuring customized itineraries designed to meet your needs. Ndoro CTE is a community based cultural tourism  and what we do is give more opportunities to the people of Lymarakana village while  targeting women, youth and elders. for instance we have in our team Mr Edward who is an elder and an archaeologist who we are glad to include in our team, this goes to the local mamas who get chance of participating in cooking, dancing and homestays, while the youth get chance to participate in our conservation projects and guiding activities, we offer equal opportunities to all social group of Marangu-lymrakana village, giving back to the community being our main target in doing so we offer opportunities to people so they can unleash their potentials, alleviate poverty and improve their standard of living.

Our vision

Ndoro cultural tourism is planning to plant more than 50,000 trees by the end of  year 2025 on the slopes of Mountain Kilimanjaro in its nearby village Marangu, or main target being to protect the ecosystem and the glacier of Mount Kilimanjaro which has been melting gradually causing global warming, we plan to rise awareness in the whole village of Marangu and participate with the locals to conserve and protect the ecosystem around the mountain for the benefit of future generations, by the end of 2020 we plan to give more than 100 youth opportunity to start working with us closely in the project of planting trees and conservation.  


Ethical: Honesty, integrity and adherence to our set of principles and policies in service delivery

Excellence: Timely delivery of quality service.

Receptiveness:willingness to accept clients opinion and challenges

Gender equality: gender balance without discrimination