Our beautiful Nature walks will allow you to get into contact with the new culture while learning new things on how locals are living their daily lives while you will also be able to participate in this activities by booking for home-stays and volunteering programs.



aesthete (adj)


someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of nature.


Ndoro cultural tourism has experienced guides who are striving to deliver the best services as possible focusing on the clients satisfaction,We also participate in conservation by taking care our environment including cleanness and planting trees while educating the society about the use of eco-friendly products for the benefit of our future generations

Ndoro cultural tourism is working hand by hand with the community in Marangu Lymrakana village ,knowing the problem of lack of jobs and opportunities, Ndoro has give opportunity to different social group like local mama’s who prepare traditional food for clients,also youth participate in traditional dance tour and this total gives back to the community at hand.

Ndoro Cultural tourism by identifying the needy it has focused on helping the needy and targeting widows and ophans by sharing the little we have like clothes and food with them.

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