ndoro culture outdoor activities

We offer our clientele a chance to be part of our cook feast in which they can choose from variety of local dishes to  experience for instance There more than eight ways of Cooking green Bananas in Chagga Culture! and each dish has different name,different taste and different style of cooking it! get this customized tour with dishes of your choice and get to experience different ways you can cook bananas and get delicious delicacy in Chagga style

Here are some of choices of dishes you can choose from 

  • Banana with yogurt (kitawa)
  • Banana with beans (kiburu)
  • Banana with meat cubes (machalari)
  • Banana with lentils (kiumbo)
  • Banana with meat soup (mtori)
  • Banana cubes mashed with meat (ng’ande)

There is also swahili  main dishes like

  • spiced rice with meat (pilau)
  • rice with meat sauce
  • stiff porridge with yogurt(ugali wa maziwa)
  • coconut milk corn with beans (makande)
  • stiff porridge with coconut fish sauce (ugali samaki)
  • pure okra sauce with ugali ( ugali mlenda ) 
  • local chilli sauce, rice and beans (wali maharage na pilipili)

Swahili Side dish

  • mixture of tomatoes, Onions, carrots,cucumber and lemon (kachumbari)
  • Amaranth which is similar to Spinach  (Mchicha)

NOTE; Above mentioned are typical chagga dishes and swahili dishes which local people consume in their daily lives, they will be cooked in a traditional common style of how local do it