One attribute of being fit is to be able to perform vigorous exercises,if you aspire to keep fit while vacationing in Tanzania then this tour is for you!  This is a four hours hiking tour all the way up in the local village where the tour will be at its peak when we reach Marangu Gate which is the first entrance to Kilimanjaro mountain, when we reach Marangu gate we will stop and get all the useful information about Mountain Kilimanjaro climbing(costs,necessity,do and don’t etc) before hiking down to finish our tour, during the hike along the way you will get briefing about Marangu c village, you will observe their lifestyle, daily activities and vegetation,  at the end of the tour you will learn alot about Marangu, the Mountain and the people plus  taking memories of amazing sceneries and views. You will also learn about the very first African climbers of mount Kilimanjaro together with their history, you will also learn about the first explorers who climbed the mountain.


  • Sun Screen
  • Eco friendly water bottle
  • Sunglasses and a Cap
  • Hiking Shoes