"Rhythms of the Chagga People: Iring'i Traditional Dance Tour with Ndoro Cultural Tourism"

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Tour description

Arrival in Ndoro office

  • Arrive in Ndoro Cultural office at agreed time

 Introduction to Chagga Culture

  • Considering every tribe in Tanzania is equipped with their own ways of entertainment and styles which makes them uniquely stand out from the other! Songs and equipment used in these dances differentiate them from one others, and chagga tribe stands out as one of the tribe which embrace their own unique cultural diversity. Iring’i traditional dance was specifically designed to maintain solidarity within the Chagga people, this is a high valued dance in Chagga culture

Learn about iring’i traditional dance and  the significance of this traditional dance in Chagga ceremonies and celebrations.

  • Briefly  Iring’i means a circle ,iring’i dance is a dance of unity which is designed to unify and  unite people, it is respected in Chagga tribe because it was used during the war and harvesting  season to boast morale and solidify unity. This dance  provide you with different  cultural dress codes and  different cultural dance moves with the rhythm which will leave you in tranquil.

Learn about Chagga Cultural dance instrument

  •  Explore  cultural instruments to witness traditional Chagga dance percussion instruments and Chagga drumming . Interact with dancers and learn about the history and meaning behind each dance.

Chagga Dance Performance

  •  Engage in a vibrant Chagga dance performance featuring various traditional dance moves. Join in the celebration and dance alongside local performers and  try your hand at playing traditional Chagga drums.

Chagga Traditional Costumes

  • Discover the art of Chagga traditional costume design. Learn from local artisans who create the intricate garments worn during Chagga dance performances.

 Interaction with Chagga Elders

  • Spend time with Chagga elders who will share stories, traditions, and insights into the history of Chagga dance and culture.


  • Bid farewell to Ndoro, taking with you a deep appreciation for Chagga dance, culture, and the warm spirit of the Chagga people

This traditional dance tour with Ndoro Cultural Tourism offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Chagga dance, learn about Chagga culture, and create lasting memories of your time in Ndoro