our projects



Due to global warming the snow of mount Kilimanjaro has been melting in the highest pace and this is not good for the mountain nor the people living under it, MOUNT KILIMANJARO is a dormant volcano which has been getting a great help by the  ice on top  and this ice is melting this project is intended to plant trees around Marangu village in the homes and in the forest to enable balance the ecosystem for the benefit of the people and the environment at large . the gallery below shows the distribution of the trees in the slopes of Marangu village and as you can see their is scarcity of trees considering the distribution of it , we aim on filling the place with trees for the benefit of the eco system (The Green Kilimanjaro)


community development

Marangu society have a lot of people leaving below $1 per day these people are the widows,orphans and elders who have lost members of their families and they have no way to earn a living because  there is no jobs for them,schools need renovations help renovate a school,students need food, feed a child, clean water is a problem help students get clean water, these are the most vulnerable group of Marangu society be the change in someones life by donating to these group of people and help them out!( Hands of Hope)



Conservation and Education our main priority,educational sessions about conservation,protection and harboring environmental friendly lifestyle are ongoing project in schools and local village meetings which elaborates the importance of taking care of our environment and preserving it, in this project we accept volunteers who are willing to teach in schools about conservation,we also welcome botanical experts who wants to do different research on the vegetation and trees surrounding the area.