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We have wide variety of packages and each package is designed to suit our clients interest,the packages can be customized according to your liking.

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Fitness tour is a four hours tour (Half Day Tour) which can be customized with other tours. In this tour you will hike through the cultural village while learning about lifestyle, vegetation and observe local people daily activities. This tour will end at Marangu gate, where you will get all the useful information about the mountain.


In this tour you will learn about Chagga history, their chiefdom’s, and their rivals. This tour will give you highlight on their lifestyle (Food, Houses and Relationships), morals and beliefs.


Get acclimatized with Kilimanjaro by having this full day tour which will give you a clear picture of how it will feel to climb the whole mountain, also this tour will give you all useful information for those who aspire to climb the mountain.​

ndoro culture outdoor activities


In this half day tour you will get a chance to experience the local way of entertainment where you will participate in a cultural dance of unity and enjoy a moment of life with the locals.


This non vegetarian tour, will give you a chance to taste the best traditional meat cake, baked traditionally and you will have a chance to learn how to make it, hence carrying some skills with you. Book this tour to enjoy the juiciest local barbecue.


Get yourself a walk in these natural tunnels which were used by chagga soldiers as an escaping route during medieval war season. Those emergency doors, also called plan B, were used to connect two villages which were 6 miles apart.


Photographers will be brought together for peer learning and exchange of knowledge,  the group or persons will have a photographer guide/mentor  to lead and give them tasks to complete at a given time, the task will base on different sites in Marangu cultural village.

ndoro culture outdoor activities


 Get a chance to taste traditional local food and a chance to participate in preparation of it by booking this tour with us you will enjoy traditional delicacies while learning how they are made. The food which will be cooked and made in this tour will be typical Chagga and Swahili dishes which will be cooked locally, using local ingredient,local cooking means with the help of local mamas

volunteering opportunities


Volunteers will get a chance to participate in conservation activities like planting trees, watering the them, fixing path, and they will be working hand with hand with the locals on these conservation activities.

educational activities

We will contribute in raising awareness among the villagers and children's school, about conservation, ecological protection, environmental activism and important of intercultural exchange. The main idea is to help villagers and school children understand the importance of protecting our environment and conservation. The volunteers will also be able to teach school subject, like English and social skills subjects.

field work

The volunteer will be working with Ndoro CTE and the villagers of Lyamrakana village the main tasks being focusing on agriculture, reforestation,combating land degradation and maintaining the Eco system, volunteer will perform different tasks depending on the need each day.


We also offer Home-stay services  whereby we give local families the opportunity to share their lifestyle and culture with our clients. In this service, the community and hundred families in Marangu village get privilege to host our clients. Our enterprise is  a give back to the community with the main theme of equal opportunity for all, hence distribution of opportunities to all members of the community without discrimination.  

Why Outdoor Adventure

Marangu has had a good reputation over the years for its environment and beautiful sceneries  and we are glad to share with you this experience.

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Customer satisfaction is our motto,our client interest is our number one priority  in here is what we offer .