At Ndoro Cultural Tourism Enterprise we understand that volunteers are the heart and soul of our projects, your selfless dedication, time and expertise contribute in numerous meaningful ways! we need volunteers skills and expertise  to give us fresh perspective in capacity building of our Enterprise.

Ndoro cultural Tourism is currently seeking dedicated volunteers with expertise in website development and social media management to help us expand our digital footprint. In this project, volunteers will play a vital role in creating and maintaining an engaging online presence, allowing us to reach a global audience and share the rich  Chagga cultural experience we offer

Our volunteer Roles includes

  • Website Developer
  • Office and administrative work
  • Social Media manager
  • Content creator

Benefit for volunteer

  • Gain hands-on experience in website development, content creation and social media management.
  • Contribute to the growth and visibility of a cultural tourism Enterprise.
  • Develop and showcase digital marketing and content creation skills.
  • Collaborate with a passionate team committed to cultural preservation and sustainable tourism.

Anyone who is 18+ and have passion for volunteering

Marangu, Lymrakana-Moshi,kilimanjaro,Tanzania

Our volunteer opportunities can vary in duration, from short-term commitments of a few weeks to longer-term engagements of several months, depending on the volunteer’s availability and project needs 


Volunteers with web development skills will collaborate with our team to design and develop an informative and visually appealing website for Ndoro Cultural Tourism. Responsibilities may include editing and managing Ndoro cultural website content , optimizing for user friendly experience, uploading photographs and ensuring mobile responsiveness


Volunteers will take charge of our social media platforms example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , to create and curate engaging content. They will develop a content calendar, interact with followers and employ strategies to increase our online reach and engagements.

administrative support

In this category the volunteers will have a chance to help the organization with administrative activities such as taking photographs for website feed-ins, gathering materials and editing media and photo  materials for social media, helping developing social media links  with other external partners, help develop database of clients received or number of homestays available for volunteers, drafting of workshop  educational materials for teaching the kids and the villagers,identifying new problems  and finding solutions on how to tackle them.  liaison with  volunteer and village partners.

content creators

Volunteers will be working with Ndoro CTE creating and designing new contents for social platforms. volunteer with writing and multimedia skills can contribute by creating a blog , writing blog posts, articles, video, and other content like daily social media adverts that highlights the cultural experiences, traditions and stories associated with Ndoro Cultural Tourism.



Volunteers will be staying in Homestays with local villagers in Marangu village, depending on the number we will choose host families depending on the number of a group most of times 3 volunteer per family. There will be shared rooms and single room, the volunteer has to get a local number to be able to have access to internet to contact their families this is because these village homestay families doesn’t have wireless internet. Food is provided in the host family for duration of volunteering, however most of the foods will be local dishes volunteers are encouraged to bring their favorite recipes if they would like to share it with the host family.


The area is mountaneous so its good for hiking, please bring your hiking shoes. There is a lot of attractions in Marangu apart from the highest mountain in Africa there is a lot of other attractions like waterfall, caves etc , Ndoro CTE will organize reasonably-priced weekend excursions to some of most popular, beautiful and natural wonders Moshi has to offer. Excursion include waterfalls, caves, hot springs and forest. We will also concentrate on intercultural learning and exchange. However Ndoro CTE wont be responsible to pay for your weekend drinks and food out of homestay, your transport to and from your leisure point this will be separated as explained above you will be given option of pricing of the excursions and as for bar and night out that will be upon the volunteer themselves


Moshi Bus Stop( STENDI KUBWA MOSHI) you will need transport from the airport to Moshi bus stop( this can be arranged upon request on extra fee)


  • Fees include transport from Moshi to Marangu village which is 13 miles from Moshi municipal
  • If you have teaching materials like projectors you can bring it with you because we currently don’t have that at the office

  • Language used in schools is English and Swahili. learning few Swahili words will allow you to interact with the locals


Valid travel documents, CV with a photo and any other equivalent document as required by Ndoro CTE 

Volunteer who may work with children will be required to provide a valid criminal record check from your place of residence 

Volunteer Booking Form

Age at the time of travel
select all type of work of your interest.
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