we offer volunteering opportunities for everyone who will love to work with us!

our activities includes

  • conservation activities
  • office work
  • educational activities
  • field work

with us you will be able to experience the daily activities of our normal routine of work while learning new stuff while being able to learn also from our clients from their experiences and knowledge

Anyone who is 18+ and have passion for volunteering

Marangu, Lymrakana-Moshi,kilimanjaro,Tanzania

From one week to 6 month, short term (up to a month) mid term (up to 3 month) projects

We charge an affordable discounted amount available on request to cover administration cost of Ndoro cultural tourism, however we ask the volunteers to cover their travel cost to and from the project,travel insurance and visa fees(if applicable). our program covers food and accommodation for the volunteers.



The volunteers will have different environmental tasks in different areas of Marangu village for example planting trees, removing litters from along water streams and removing lupines or other plants and fixing hiking paths, these work will depend on the weather conditions on the particular day, this require some flexibility because Marangu being on the highland it attract rain most of the time and it drizzle in the morning from time to time but most of times its dry and breezy, so we should consider these conditions. This is a perfect camp for individual or people who like outdoor work and physical challenge. It will involve working 6 hours a day, 5 days of the week


We will contribute into raising awareness among local population about conservation, ecological protectionism, environmental activism and importance of intercultural exchange, the main idea is to help villagers and school children understand the importance of protecting our environment and conservation, volunteer will organize  various local meetings with village council together with Ndoro CTE to meet with the locals to educate and rise awareness about environmental issues, the volunteers will visit the schools in Lymarakana village and teach them about conservation and organize day for practical work on the village showing them some of the good practices like litter picking, recycling and other waste management methods. It will involve 2 hours to 3 hours a day in sessions, 5 days a week

administrative activities

In this category the volunteers will have a chance to help the organization with administrative activities such as website designing, gathering materials and editing media and photo  materials for social media, helping developing social media links  with other external partners, help develop database of homestays or alternative accomodation for volunteers,drafting of workshop  educational materials for teaching the kids and the villagers,identifying new problems  and finding solutions on how to tackle them.  liaison with  volunteer and village partners.


Volunteers will be working with Ndoro CTE and the village of Marangu, the village council and the people of Lymarakana village doing nature and environmental oriented tasks. The main task being focusing on reforestation, combating land degradation and maintaining the ecosystem, volunteer will perform different tasks depending on the need each day, work such as (A)putting new layer of wood chips on the footpath (B)fixing steps on the old footpath (C) planting trees (D) maintaining and repair existing hiking paths (E)building steps/stairs. Well maintained path enable people to visit these amazing areas without damaging them and this improves safety to the visitors. volunteers will also plough the land using local domestic hand tools like hoes.



Volunteers will be staying in Homestays with local villagers in Marangu village, depending on the number we will choose host families depending on the number of a group most of times 3 volunteer per family. There will be shared rooms and single room, the volunteer has to get a local number to be able to have access to internet to contact their families this is because these village homestay families doesn’t have wireless internet. Food is provided in the host family for duration of volunteering, however most of the foods will be local dishes volunteers are encouraged to bring their favorite recipes if they would like to share it with the host family.


The area is mountaneous so its good for hiking, please bring your hiking shoes. There is a lot of attractions in Marangu apart from the highest mountain in Africa there is a lot of other attractions like waterfall, caves etc , Ndoro CTE will organize reasonably-priced weekend excursions to some of most popular, beautiful and natural wonders Moshi has to offer. Excursion include waterfalls, caves, hot springs and forest. We will also concentrate on intercultural learning and exchange. However Ndoro CTE wont be responsible to pay for your weekend drinks and food out of homestay, your transport to and from your leisure point this will be separated as explained above you will be given option of pricing of the excursions and as for bar and night out that will be upon the volunteer themselves


Moshi Bus Stop( STENDI KUBWA MOSHI) you will need transport from the airport to Moshi bus stop( this can be arranged upon request on extra fee)


  • Fees include transport from Moshi to Marangu village which is 13 miles from Moshi municipal
  • If you have teaching materials like projectors you can bring it with you because we currently don’t have that at the office

  • Language used in schools is English and Swahili. learning few Swahili words will allow you to interact with the locals


Valid travel documents, CV with a photo and any other equivalent document as required by Ndoro CTE 

Volunteer who may work with children will be required to provide a valid criminal record check from your place of residence 

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